About Secure 7 Systems

Secure 7 Systems (S7), a proud member of the Benson Group of Companies, is a Tanzanian based company specializing in Digital security systems. Providing end-to-end solutions, S7 focuses in providing state of the art technologies in surveillance systems, Biometric access control systems, home security and much more.

The foundation of S7 is conceptualized around the most basic of needs –Security. The standard defense against security concerns includes guards, fences and so on – in essence all mechanical systems. Relying on purely mechanical systems can lead to colossal security failures. This is where digital security systems come in to a league of their own. Digital systems overcome the inherent limitations of mechanical systems and ensure complete peace of mind.

S7 excels in empowering its customers to take control of their security measures by adding fingertip convenience and integrating S7 products with everyday technologies. With S7 solutions we urge you to relax and DIGITALLY EMPOWERED!